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Flaunt Your Gorgeousness with Amazing Hair

Saturday, August 13, 2011 / , , , ,



To be honest, I used to never really care much about my hair. Back in secondary school, I'd keep my hair short and simple. Never really bothered because I never ever thought it would make much of difference in the way I look. My hair care routine was simple. Shampoo and that's it. :/ Yes! Not very healthy! Also, I'd always layer my hair just to make it look cooler. LOL. Lame I know. 

Yes, this was me years ago. :P

Then, I became close to my current bestfriend. She's super vain and she cares ALOT about her hair. I swear the products she buys and tries, woahhhh. She told me something years ago.

"The first thing someone notices about you is normally your hair. That's why you have to always take good care of your hair!". 

:) Your hair is like your crowning glory. 

Look at the both of us now, 3 years down the road. Pretty hair right?
Oh come on.... You know you love our hair! ;)

Now that I have longer and prettier hair, I get more compliments and I definitely feel more confident. Yes, those curls are original. No perming involved! :P My hair is not really that healthy actually (It's quite dry!) but all I'm trying to say is that IT IS IMPORTANT TO REALLY TAKE CARE OF YOUR HAIR. Please don't be lazy like how I used to be. :(

Speaking of which, you should check out this website. 

It's a microsite by Yun Nam healthcare which can educate you on how to keep up with hairstyle trends and hairstyle habits. Check it out! :)
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Remember, your hair makes up your personality. 
It is crucially important to keep your hair in tip-top condition for an attractive appeal. With healthier hair, your confidence shines through naturally. What’s even better, nothing stops you from having trendy and stylish hairstyles. If you notice any signs and symptoms of hair loss problems, seek professional help early with Yun Nam Hair Care today!  
Sharing you the greatest deals as always ;) Xoxo,
RynaQUE <3