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Buka with love. ♥

Saturday, August 13, 2011 / , ,


It's the weekends finally. I hope Ramadhan has been a good month for you so far. It's been quite a struggle especially since school has been emotionally and mentally taxing for me. Buka-ed outside a few days ago with Z. Probably you've seen him helping out during Social Media Day 2011 too at Scape. Dragged him to go down with me to help out and actually I was surprised he didn't refuse. =)

He's always disturbing me, this silly boy. I feel like pinching him all the time!
We had a very simple dinner. Just bought stuff from the pasar malam. We bought Mee goreng, Maggi goreng, keropok lekor, lime juice and milo katira. Crazy! We were damn full after that. The aunty gave him ALOT of noodles and he almost finished it. I was super impressed!!!

See see! Lol we actually sat on the floor near the MRT area because there's really no place to sit. Initial plan was to have dinner at Banquet and have ice cream after that but we came too late. IT WAS SUPER PACKED but I'm quite satisfied with dinner. Cheap and delicious! ;)

We didn't eat ice cream because we were too full. I want ICE CREAM next time please!!!!!


(P.S:// We are still dating. Nothing serious at the moment so mummy if you're reading this I DON'T HAVE A BOYFRIEND. Lolololol :P)