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#7 Daily Rubenesque Special: More to Love Closet

Sunday, August 7, 2011 / , , , , , , ,

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"We understand how difficult it is to be a plus size lady especially in Singapore and in Asia, how frustrating it is going from shop to shop looking for the right size and finding the clothes that will make you look good and how demeaning it feels when none of the shop have your size or when one has it, it might not be as affordable as you thought it'll be. We want to be a solution to ladies out there to provide beautiful plus size dresses and at the same time to also be affordable. To look beautiful doesn't take a lot of money with the right outfit and the right attitude.We want to empower the plus size ladies out there to love how they look and to find more reason to love themselves.

We strive to continually provide Personalized service to each of our customer." 

Let me show you some of their apparels.
Collection 1 | Tracy $27

Collection 1 | Eva (Purple) $32

Collection 2 | Gwen (Purple) $27

Collection 2 | Georgia Black Skirt $25

Collection 3 | Leah $28

Collection 5 | Hebe (Grey and brown) $32

I thought this piece looks super flattering on the model. What do you think? :)

Collection 5 | Hannah $27

I bought this piece from them too in PINK! So if you buy, you'll have the same top as me. ;)

I love love love this blogshop!

Friendly owners + Good service + Affordable and pretty clothes = A very happy customer
I like how the dresses are not too overly revealing but yet looks very cute. Quite annoyed and jealous because the models has super pretty hair! Lolololol JEALOUS.
Here's the dress that they sponsored me for the Singapore Blog Awards. 
Simple and classy. MAD LOVE!!

Mine's Collection 3's Lyla $28
They still have this in dark purple if you want. :)

Start shopping today! ~~~

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Always sharing with you the best plus size stuff (Hehe), 

Look at that tummy.
Anonymous said...

do you think you could blog a list of your favourite plus-size blogshop? :)

RynaQUE said...

Ok! I'll insert some offline shops too? :)