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Singapore Blog Awards 2011 #SBA2011

Tuesday, July 26, 2011 / , , , ,


Good morning everyone! :) 
Time to share the photos I took at the Singapore Blog Awards, organised by, bilingual news and interactive web portal by SPH. They are very supportive of bloggers. To be honest, I really like being in Omy. The friends I've made, the events I've been to, I'm thankful to the whole team. Really.

Special thanks to More To Love Closet for sponsoring this dress!
Plus size girls, visit their blogshop HERE. ;)
There'll be another blogpost about their blogshop soon. 

I came to the event with @Sylistic, Travel blogger who was nominated in a total of 4 categories! 

Simple make up for the day. Nothing too over the top as usual. :)

Here's Mint! She dressed up as Liang Po Po for the event. Hehehe yes, I did not dress up according to the theme. :P

 Here's Typical Ben and Thesuper-girl with Major-General Chan Chun Sing, who was the GOH for the event. Damn, I wanted to say hi but there were so many people! :/

Ah... I feel so short here. Here's a photo of me with Titaniumterence and Sylistic. All 3 of us are from Singapore Polytechic. Lololol, just different faculties.

Here's Sylistic, me with Elizabeth from The Changing Point. :)

A photo of me with Mint. :D

Omgomgomg Silver Ang is so pretty in real life!

Darren Bloggie, winner for Best shopping blog ( I have to say, he really deserves this award. He's a very hardworking blogger. You can really see how much effort he puts in blogging. *SALUTE*

Ah... Here's me with Jalormee! :P

&&& DAWN YANG. Wtf she's so pretty and so slim and so perfect. :'(

Must make myself feel better by posting a nice picture of myself. HAHAHAHAHA. 

Photos koped from Samantha and William! :)

I had a great time at the Singapore Blog Awards. Really. It's so nice to see the bloggers, whose blogs I've been visiting, IRL. It's nice to meet bloggers who are really into blogging because they are doing it for passion. Not for the freebies, not for the fame, just for the love of it. 

Singapore Web Design said...

I was there, Didnt win anything but hey, I had wonderful time. Great to see highly motivated people at one place.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on, you have such a great personality and smile, don't feel small next to dawn yang, she ain't got nothing on you.