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Review of Mini red velvet cupcakes and Bread and Butter pudding: Dessert by Quintessa! ~~

Tuesday, July 12, 2011 / , , , , ,

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It was my grandma's birthday last Sunday, so we had dinner out with family. This time it was rather different because we ordered dessert from my Twitter friend Ms Liza Hassan aka @Cadymcbronzie! :D 

We ordered Mini red velvet cupcakes and her very famous bread and butter pudding!
Gotta thank her cus she came all the way to Tampines from Choa Chu Kang. Well, an extra $5 for that which I don't really mind because it's very tiring to go all the way to CCK. :( 

Minimum order for these cupcakes is 12 btw. :)

The owner was super nice so she gave me 1 extra cupcake! Yay!

I loveee the cupcakes however, the cupcake is rather dry. I really wish it was abit more moist actually.  Mummy doesn't know that the top is made of cream cheese. If she knows... she will SCREAM! Lol because she's not really a cheese fan. BUT I AM! :P 

I really enjoyed the cupcakes! Yumz!!
Rating: 4/5

The other stuff we ordered was the B&B pudding. My family really loves this! Keep the vanilla sauce in the fridge and heat up the bread pudding. I like mixing something warm and the other cool together. Tastes superrrr delicious! THIS IS A MUST BUY. 

My mum is a B&B pudding lover because her late grandmother used to make this when she was young and she really loves this!

Rating: 5/5!!! ;)
My bro and I will be chipping in money to get the Nutella Bread pudding for Hari Raya! Yes, WE'RE GONNA HAVE IT ALL TO OURSELVES MUAHAHAHAA! 

Wanna see the photo of the Nutella Bread Pudding?