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RANTDOM: Abit of soul searching

Monday, July 4, 2011 / ,


I've been doing alot of thinking. Well, I always do. Just that at times, I keep it to myself. Last Saturday, I went to USS with the other Crizal Ambassadors. Before I went off, I had lunch with 2 very pretty bloggers. Estelle Kiora and Holly Jean. There was this one line that Estelle said that is currently playing in my head. They were talking about what they look for in a partner and she said this. 

"I think morals is very important. That differentiates one guy from the other". 

It got me thinking until today but no, I'm not really thinking about it in the context of boys. Just as human beings. What do you think really defines you, my dear reader? 

Is it your looks? Your qualifications? Your achievements? 
Or is it your values? 

I'm not a good person, I'll be straightforward about it, but I'm real. I don't go around looking down on other people. I don't go around being rude to the people around me. I value my friends, I value my family. I'm thankful for what mummy and daddy has taught me for all these years. I may not be the best daughter ever, but I try my best to make them proud of me. I might be a selfish bitch at times, but I share whenever I can. 

But why do I meet very shallow human beings along the way? I meet people who look down on others. People who are very selfish. People who are downright rude to their parents. People who only bother about achievements/qualifications but when it comes to the soul? Damn. What a pity. 

What's the purpose of living if all that you're chasing are just worldly possessions?