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Saturday, July 30, 2011 / , , ,


Bought 2 new pairs of shoes this yesterday! This time, I'm trying out flatforms. They'll give you height and yet their flat. So we don't have to wear heels anymore girls! :) 

It's like a win-win situation. We get added height and confidence, exactly what heels can give you, however this time you don't have to balance on those teeny weeny heels. You know how terrible the standing in heels all day feels?! :( It's torture. Plus I think sometimes plus size girls like me look RIDICULOUS walking with those heels. It's like we're playing the tip toe-ing/balancing game.  

I guess it's an alternative everybody should try at least once in their life!
Okay, fine. I admit. It's not the prettiest shoes you've seen. In fact, they are really fugly.


Do you have flatforms? What are you thoughts on them?