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My first musical in a long time! Cold White Lies and Red Hot Scandals!

Friday, July 15, 2011 / , , , , , , ,


It's been a long time since I went to watch a musical at Esplanade. The last one I watched was in sec 4, which was the Forbidden City! The other day, I had the chance to watch this local musical. Tickets cost $178 okay! Hehehehehehehehe. <3

I didn't really do much research before watching the musical. I just wanted to be "surprised".

I didn't know Norleena Salim, now known as Leena Salim (Think Aunty Rosmah in Under 1 roof!) and Kunjung (Anugerah finalist 2009) was part of the cast too!

Look at her! She's so hot now. She shed quite alot of weight. I didn't know she could sing. I was very impressed! Damn.

And here's Kunjung, another powerhouse singer. Seriously.
Leena + Kunjung = Epic! They totally owned the show. 

Overall, I felt that the acting was pretty mediocre. However, the two ladies Kunjung and Leena Salim brought the house down with their amazing vocals. Rocking songs like Just the way you are, Born this way, Bleeding love and many more, without them, the show might just be another musical. Good effort thought! Could have been better. ;)