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CHEESE LOVERS, LISTEN UP! It's Domino's time to shine.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011 / , , , , , ,


Last week, I was invited to the launch of Domino's Cheesy Burst Pizza! Yay foooood!! I've never tried Domino's actually so I was pretty excited. Heard that Domino's has very good pizza. Damn. WHY HAVEN'T I TRIED THIS?! ._.''

Did you know that Domino's the ONLY pizza company which has a 30 minute delivery guaranteefree delivery and nett pricing! How awesome is that? 

(The only bad thing is that it doesn't delivery to all places in SG!! It doesn't deliver to my place! Sigh...) 

They even have this GPS tracker for your pizza. So you can keep track of what's happening to your pizza!!

Yes, I must also pose with the pizza. First time trying so it's kinda like a historical event for me. LOLOLOLOL~~

Presenting to you..... 


Chilli Chic with Cheese Burst Crust,
 Hawaiian Paradise with Cheese Burst Crust,
 Classic Pepperoni with Cheese Burst Crust 
and Classy Chic with Cheese Burst Crust respectively! 

Domino's were so nice that they even allowed us to make our own pizza's! In the exact same kitchen they had to make the other pizzas the customer's ordered.

(Don't worry, we washed our hands and we were supervised by their staff!)

Okay fine. My pizza was quite fail. Hehehe I even took this opportunity to CHEESE SPAM my pizza! It's super delicious ok!! :D

So what are you waiting for?
Order Domino's NOW!! 


 Domino’s Pizza is offering the Cheese Burst Meal for a limited time only!

 For just $38.90 (savings of $20.90), the meal comes with a regular Cheese Burst Pizza, 1 regular pizza of your choice, 1 Chocolate Lava Cake, and a choice of either 1 Twisty Bread (6pcs) or 1 BreadStix or 1 CinnaStix!

If you’re craving for meat, you can now take advantage of the online promotion and get 1 Crazy Chicken Crunchies or 1 Golden Roasted Drummet at 
currently 50% off when you order the Cheese Burst Meal online!

PS:// The sides are good too! 

Halal chocoloate lava cakes are hard to find in Singapore so I'm pretty impressed by Domino's.
IT'S SUPER DELICIOUS. So much chocolate!!! #Everyfatkidsparadise

As a chicken lover, I strongly recommend this. It has a Tom Yum flavour.
 Super crunchy and delicious! :D

The Bread sticks are their version of the garlic bread. I like how it's very soft and smells so good! Not too oily too. :D

The drumlets were normal. Tastes almost like the Pizza hut's drumlets actually.

Well, that's about it!

RynaQUE ;)
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