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Visume War on Prevview! Asia's FIRST interactive video job portal!

Friday, July 1, 2011 / , , , , , , ,


We all know that looking for a job isn't easy, especially in tiny Singapore. 

Situation A: 
Flip through the pages of Classified and circle the jobs that you think is suitable for you. Call the number stated on the ad and the person turns you down because they position isn't available anymore. 

Sounds familiar? What about this?

Situation B: 
The interview with Company ABC went well (Well you think it did). They said that they'll "call" you soon. So you spend your time staring at your handphone waiting for the good news. Waiting, waiting, waiting....

Another familiar situation? Oh trust me. Been there, done that.

Well no worries. This time, I'll be introducing you to an awesome job portal that will help you help you to get a job. Not only is this portal awesome, it's

Huh? What VIDEO Job portal?
Well, it's the first job portal using Video resumes, a.k.a Visumes! How cool is that? Also this portal provides you with information as seen in the photo below. How informative!

And you know what? They are currently running a visume contest and contestants will stand a chance to get their job! And as usual... if there's a contest, there's always... ME!

You know how I spend alot of my time using the net.

With my iPhone and my iPad, I'm always surfing the net on the go. I think everyone knows how much I'm amazed of the powers of social media. It's crazy. It would really be a dream come through if I turn this interest and passion into my source of ricebowl. Well, it's already happening now and I am slowly earning moolahs, but I really want to do this full time! AS A JOB!

And no, I'm not talking about blogging/tweeting as a source of income for the future (although I hope to continue this if circumstances permits) but more of planning, developing, conceptualizing and executing social media campaigns, be the one engaging bloggers and influencers and to be able to oversee the use of social media in a company so as to reach out to our target audience!

So... I tried creating my own Visume!
(The thumbnail is damn unglam. :'( *CRIES!!*)

Here are some tips that I can give you! 

1) Don't be lazy! Write your script.

2) Rehearse over and over again so that you remember your script.

3) Be enthusiastic!

4) KISS: Keep It Short and Simple!
Make sure your video does not exceed 90 seconds.
A normal TVC is about 90 seconds only!

(Obviously I am not doing enough!
Look at my angry-faced thumbnail for the video!!!)

Best part is that you can use ANYTHING to record your video. Your camera, your iPhone, anything! I used my camera for the first part and my iphone for the second part of the video.

Actually, at first, I couldn't edit my video because Windows Movie Maker couldn't detect files which are in the MOV format. So I thought I had no choice but to not do any editing at all. But I found out that there's an awesome site that will convert your videos for free! So if any of you are having the same problem, you can use ZAMZAR to convert! I converted my video from the MOV file to AVI format. Then, WMM was able to detect the file and I could edit my video! WALAAA!

What are you waiting for?

(If you guys have voted, you can email/tweet/facebook/write on my FB page. I'll take note and you guys have higher chances of winning in my giveaway! Promise. ;))

I hope my blogpost is very useful for those of you who are currently looking for a job. I'm currently a final year student in Singapore Polytechnic, Diploma in Media and Communication and I'll be stepping out into the bad bad working world in just 11 months! I'm excited at the same time really really scared. I've watched so many dramas on the TV and the newer staff are always being bullied by the seniors! Well I hope it doesn't happen to me. Cus if they dare to bully me, they better watch out! *Fists in air* LOLOLOLOL KIDDINGGGG. (Okay maybe not.) *Fists in air!!!*

Till the next blogpost xoxo,

Ps:// I really had fun doing this advertorial! I hope you enjoyed reading this post too. =) 
dblchin (double chin) said...

haha awesome resume! Hope u winnnnnnn~!

RynaQUE said...

Hi Dblchin!
Thank you! <3 Just trying my luck. Who knows this visume might actually work when I'm looking for a job? :P

mas raden said...

keep on. . . keep spirit. . because you can do it. .

Miss Lego said...

I really loved reading this, specially because you put a pinch of humor on it to make it look no-tragic. Great post.

RynaQUE said...

Mas Raden: Thanks! <3
Miss Lego: Thank you.

Lots of hugs and kisses from Singapore!

Soh Hong Wei said...

Good post! =)

Beth said...

Voted for you at least twice now. :3

RynaQUE said...

Hong Wei and Beth: Thanks guys! <3 Xoxo

Caden Lucas said...

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