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Wednesday, June 15, 2011 /

Happy Wednesday ya'll!

To be honest, i'm not a very neat person but yesterday, before i fell asleep, I told myself that I just HAVE to sort things out.

Being the leader of my functional group for FYP, I have to keep texting my group members and for some time, I've been wondering if the iPhone actually has a "Group" function.

Turns out it does! It's an app btw and I think it's awesome. Special thanks to @Hahalif for telling me about this awesome app!

Now... Everybody! Prepare to be spammed!!! :D

Ps:// FYP is energy draining and depressing. Only passion will save you this time. If you're still in year 1/2 and enjoying life, #watchout. The big monster will eat you alive. :'(


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