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RANTDOM: A note from me!

Thursday, June 23, 2011 /

Hi everyone.

The week's coming to an end. Well almost. My school holidays didn't even feel like it was actually a holiday. In fact, it was depressing.

I guess the highlight was all the privileges of being a blogger. It's nice to know that my opinion matters and that there are people there are readers who bothered to email to tell me how much they enjoy reading what i write. It has definitely been a fulfilling journey so far. It's been 2 years since I took blogging seriously. When i mean seriously, i mean trying to move it away from being too personal and blogging not only what i feel at the same time keeping in mind what readers might be interested to read.

I used to be a nobody too. When i tweeted, nobody would RT or even reply my tweets. My blog traffic used to be a single digit. People laughed. They said i was trying too hard. They nitpicked my writing style, my grammar, my spelling etc. Well, they are the same ones reading my blog at this moment. ;)

Ps:// i used to be annoyingly attention seeking online. (i still am, just toned down!!!! LOL)

Pss:// Hi haters, Y u no send me hatemail anymore?! I miss you. Hahahhaa kthxbai

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