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Popeyes preview party at Orchard Xchange!

Sunday, June 19, 2011 / , , ,


Some photos taken by Sharithstar and William. ;)
Food, food, food. I'm hungrehh!

A few weeks ago, I was invited to the Popeyes' preview party! When I received the call, my eyes POPPED (okay I'm exaggerating) because you know how much I LOVE food?! Especially chicken. I'm not such a big fan of fish, seafood or red meat. Chicken FTW!

Popeyes just opened their 11th outlet and do you know where it is?
It's at Orchard Xchange! (Just next to Ion Orchard, Orchard MRT).  Everytime I go to Ion Orchard, there's no fast food restaurants in that mall cus everything's so atas right? LOL. So, it's quite troublesome for a lazy girl like me to go Wisma Atria/Ngee Ann city to eat. But now with Popeyes at Orchard Xchange.... HEHEHEHE YOU KNOW WHERE IMMA GO NOW EH. EH. EH. 

Popeyes and the team from Integrated Marketing Solutions Group were really generous because they allowed me to bring 2 friends! Normally for blogger events, I'm only allowed to have a +1 but for this MAKAN session, more friends. Why not right? After all, when it comes to food, the more the merrier! 

So.. I posted a tweet saying I'll bring any 2 Twitter followers for this preview party and in the end, Tarandip (Fashion blogger) and Sharithstar (Cleo top blogger 2010) responded yes! I brought them along. It was the first time meeting Sharithstar and second time meeting Tarandip. LOL. At first it was rather awkward, but slowly, I guess we all became comfortable. <3

Yumming popping drinks! 

Green: Apple Pop
Red: Melon Pop
Yellow: Passionfruit Pop 

I prefer the passionfruit one the most. :D (MUST ORDER!!!) 

After drinking that, you'll be poppin'. HAHAHAHAHA. 

Yay! Fried chicken + Cajun fries + Biscuit. 

There's the spicy one and the mild one. I really prefer the spicy one actually. I declare that Popeyes officially has better fried chicken compared to KFC! I'm not really a "biscuit" person, so yeah. But Fries? Even when it's cold, the fries are STILL CRISPY!

Yummy mash potato! I love how Popeyes' mash potato contains bits of chicken. :P

Coleslaw! Not a big fan of this mainly because bits of the lettuce are too big. I like my coleslaw fine.

I'd choose Mash potatoes over Coleslaw ANYTIME! What about you? Share with me! 

Thank you Popeyes for making all 3 of us very happy bloggers! :D 

So everybody, head down to Popeyes at Orchard Xchange for some tender juicy chicken. OMNOMNOMNOMMMM.

Special thanks to Joyce (The one beside Sharithstar) for being super nice to us!
 Great service. \m/

Beth said...

That pop looks so good. There's no Popeyes where I live but it's now on my list of places to eat!

RynaQUE said...

Beth: You can come to SG and eat Popeyes!! :D