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A night at Night Safari!

Thursday, June 16, 2011 / , , ,


Before I start, I'd like to thank the Night Safari people who invited me for the 987fm RSVP party NS. It was my first time ever going to Night Safari so I was super excited! :D
Brought my bestfriend along for this event. :)

 We were there for the 987fm RSVP party! And pssst, the party is only by invites ok!!

We took a tram to the Zbar. THE TRAM RIDE WAS AWESOME!!
Too bad I couldn't take any pictures because it was quite dark and we couldn't use the flashlight. The train commentator, Cassandra is actually a friend of mine and I was super impressed! Her pronouncation, diction and SHE MEMORISED 45 MINS OF THE SCRIPT?! Damn. She's good!

  Missed the opportunity to take a photo with the animals. There was a phototaking opp but my bff and I thought that we should just wait for a while. :( 
 Here's my bestfriend and I.
I'm wearing the sponsored top from Stellarobe. :D
 Here's my schoolmate Nandini who was also there at the event. We could get temp tattoos! 
 I spy.... A cute guy. ;)

Ah.. Here's my bestfriend getting an airbrush tattoo. She actually wanted a BUTTERFLY, but she changed her mind and got..... 

Gangstergirl. Tsk..... 

 Here's a pic of us with Shan and Rozz. Damn, why are they so hot? ~~

After which, we took a tram to the Creatures of Night Show. 

 This is the main host of the show and I was super impressed again because she could speak in a number of different languages! Malay, Mandarin, Hindi, Philippines, Japanese etc! 
(She's so talented, she deserves a mention on my blog! Just that I forgot her name. EEKS!)

 Here's Shan on stage!
I had a great time! Really! Thank you Night Safari. :D

PS://I'm working with NS for an upcoming event. I'll update you guys when it's about time. Judging from the stuff I've seen so far.... I think IT'S GONNA BE A BLAST! Whooots!