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I am a Crizal Ambasaddor!

Friday, June 24, 2011 / , , , , ,


Hello everybody! I've been really lucky because I'm now a Crizal Ambassador! :D 

This is a picture of me with my current specs! 

Take note of how my specs doesn't have any reflection/glare or anything of that sort. :P 

Well, last week, I went to Vivocity to get myself a new pair of spectacles. Just that this time, it's sponsored! Yay! :)

Being picky, I tried everything I thought would look nice on me. HAHAHAHA I look weird on most of these speckies, you see! I like how my lips look in pic number 1 tho. :P 

Which other frames do you think is nice? :P Tell me! 

Well, before I chose my specs, I already had an "ideal frame" in mind. I wanted it to be very boomz. I don't want something too serious because I already have my other black specs. I wanted something for LAZY-TO-WEAR-CONTACT-LENS day, but at the same time, it has to be really eyecatching. Also, I've been wearing metal frames all my life. So for a change, I'd like to try plastic frames this time. 


Ahh.... What about this?!
This is THE ONE. 

Boomz, plastic and it looks cute on me! 

*Notice how there's glare? Because this was taken after I chose the lenses. These are not Crizal lenses.*

Okay. So I spent SOOOO MUCH TIME choosing my frames. What about my lenses?! 

Because I'm a Crizal Ambassador, I get Crizal lenses. Many people do not know what the brand of the lenses are. This is a very common thing actually. Even I didn't know what my current (black metal frame lenses) brand of lenses are. I recently found out that its CRIZAL too! In fact, mummy and daddy too are using Crizal lenses! Means that even I was even sponsored, mummy and daddy has always believed in Crizal lenses. No wonder my spectacles are always so expensive. 

My friends were bragging about how the specs that they bought from Peninsula plaza only cost them like $45 altogether. Frames cost $35 only. And my jaw dropped. In my head I was saying, "How come their specs so cheap ah? Mummy always nags at me saying my specs are very expensive etc etc. Normally a pair for me will cost me like $250?". 

Now, I realise that its actually the quality of lenses that causes the huge prize difference! You only have one pair of eyes, so I don't think its actually fair for you to spend on very cheap spectacles. I'd rather spend abit more just for something of a better quality. Really! 


It's Photoshoot-in-my-own-room Time! :D 

I know, I know. All my poses funny! I am not a model what! Hahahahaha. I have the "Headache", the "Eh, I also can be a model pose, the "Lemme show you my big teeth" pose and many more. YA YA I know I shouldn't do the centre parting thing with my hair cus I have a broad face. LOL.
PS://... I don't care what you say cus I'm awesome anyway. 


PS://My new specs are so awesome! 
Beth said...

How lucky! I need to get a new pair of'll cost me about $200. >.<

RynaQUE said...

Beth: Yes! It'll actually cost around $200 plus for me too. I'm really thankful because this is by far the most expensive thing I've been sponsored. :')

Beth said...

You're paying for the frames, got the lens for free? I'm buying the cheapest lens I can.. my friend is giving me 50% off my purchase, so I'll just be paying for the frames. :)

RynaQUE said...

Nope! All included =)

FacesBySarah said...

i cant believe i never came across your blog before. lovin this freshness!

RynaQUE said...

Hello Sarah!

Thank youuuu. Well now that you've came across my blog... come back often ok!! :P