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RANTDOM: Hi everybody!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011 /

Hi everybody! I know i haven't been blogging much. I've been very busy with school and that pretty much takes up 99% of my time. (Ok fine. I'm lying. I spend at least 5 hours daily sleeping. Okay maybe 6.LOL!)

I'm really sorry if I keep blogging about events/ads or such. It's just that the opportunities keep coming and I'm really thankful with whatever I'm blessed with and as a blogger, as long as i think that a particular event/product/service is up to standard, I'll definitely share it on my blog, Twitter and Facebook.

I still have alot of blogposts that I wanna share with everyone! Like my trip to the Night Safari, the Popeyes launch party and many more! Please, please don't get turned off by how "commercialised" this blog has grown. I know, this blog used to be more about how I feel, my opinions etc, i promise it will be back. =)


rynaQUE XoXo