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Tuesday, June 21, 2011 / , , , , ,


Great news! My blog was featured on 

Looks like my efforts are paying off. For some time I've been thinking, what's this blogs Unique Selling Point?

 For my friend Sylistic, he has found his own niche which is Travel. He's now a travel blogger and gets sponsored trips around the world. Readers return every now and then to get travel trips. Interesting right? MAD AWESOME LIFE PLEASE! 

Being a lifestyle blogger gives me freedom to write about anything under the sun. Definitely ROJAK. I write about food, social media, make up, events and other things that I never thought I'd write about. Then again, its too broad. I definitely can't beat the other pretty bloggers you see online. The gyaru girls, the girls who have super pro make up skills, who dresses up like 24/7 etc. 

Then it struck me. 
How often do you get plus size bloggers in Singapore? 

Okay... Other than Yongwei, (He's a different case. That guy's wacky and has been in the blogging scene for a super long time. *Kowtows*) Let me be specific. Female plus size bloggers. Not very often am I right? 

Well ladies and gentlemen. I think I've found my Unique Selling Point. =) 

PS:// If you know of any interesting plus size bloggers, do share with me! 
Beth said...

You are an amazing blogger and I'm very proud to know you!

RynaQUE said...

:') I'm proud to know you too!