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Virtulips is turning ONE!

Thursday, May 19, 2011 / , , , ,


Step 1: LIKE this Virtulips Facebook page!

Step 2: Click on this photo and LIKE my photo!

To thank you guys for liking my photo, I'll do another giveaway really soon!
Remember I said I'll do a GIVEAWAY for TheBlogShop stuff?

Yes, it's gonna happen soon! To qualify for my giveaway,
all you have to do is LIKE my photo!



See! The people from TBS were so nice. Even gave me sweets. Lolol
sho cute! I don't know where they got the box from, but I LIKE!
Okay, not giving this away because THE SWEETS ARE MINE.

So here's the stuff I'll be giving away!
So generous this month. Well I've been winning lots of stuff, so I thought
like if I share the things I got, hopefully more luck will be on my side and
I'll get more things (HOPEFULLY) in the future! Correct or not? HEHEHEHE

Basically I have a dress, a skirt and 2 tops to giveaway!
All from theblogshop! Never worn before.

This is the skirt I told you about!

There's like  shape prints.
Very girly and suitable for flirty dates!

It's the same type of skirt Bongqiuqiu wore to Hongkong.
Think she looks cute in it!




As thanks, I will also post up yummy photos of food to make you hungry! :P

Hehehehehe ok thanks bye!!




Winners for this giveaway....

1) JuneSu Tan
2) Nur Farhana
3) Sharith 

4) Tarandip Kaur 


Please email me at to collect your prizes. 
Let's meet up soon maybe for lunch? Let me know! :D

RL said...

yummayh! :D
you made my stomach grumbling. :|

RynaQUE said...

RL: Hi dear! Hehehe can you please help me by liking my photo on FB? :p

Anonymous said...

*crossed fingers*
Hope I win! Haha!

RL said...

Ryna : Sorry, dear. I didn't realize your comment here. Truth be told, I have deactivated my account for some reasons. I'm sooooo sorry I couldn't help you. :|

RynaQUE said...

RL: Ah.. It's okay! :D Thanks anyway!~~

Junesu said...

Hey! how do we collect the prizes? I've emailed you a few weeks back. SO GLAD YOU WON!! (: