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Plus size clothings by Stellarobe ♥ See, we plus size girls can be fashionable too!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011 / , , , , , , ,



Have you ever felt bored of wearing the same old, same old SHITTY clothes everyday?
Whenever you go to some store selling outfits, you feel depressed because the stuff that can fit you just isn't HIP enough and the ones that can fit you... look really obiang?!

Well darling, I think we share the same dilemma. I know of plus size shops around SG and most of them tend to OVERCHARGE their customers. Like what?! A simple black Tshirt can even cost you $49.90? Are you kidding me? Well no worries girls, I've got the right blogshop for you!


These are the 2 outfits they sent me a week ago and I couldn't wait to try it on. HEHEHEHE Super love their clothings!

Disclaimer: Not a model, never will be. Just a girl who's showing off her new clothes! :P 

I'm a very conservative person and I don't show much skin when I dress up, so when I wore this piece, there were holes on the outfit and my friends were like, "EH QUE, IS THAT YOU SKIN?".

Lol, I thought it's a cool top ok!



The other top I chose was this top and I wore it for my FYP presentation to my client. Paired this with a simple black skirt and I think it matched pretty well. ;) Heeee. Guess what, the client liked my group's concept and yes, they chose us as the winning concept for FYP. This is perhaps my lucky top! Hehehehe my groupmates said I look good in this top. Awwwww. *Blush* 



So girls... What should you do now?

Search for StellaRobe on Facebook or simply click this photo below and you'll be directed to their FB page. 'LIKE' it and you'll get updates from them! The team behind StellaRobe is very friendly so feel free to ask them any questions. Look at their prices and you'll agree with me that compared to other plus size blogshops online and shops offline, you'll sooo agree with me that StellaRobe's clothes are really affordable.


I've also suggested to the team to bring in bigger sized clothings because I'm sure there are many of us who find it very difficult to find the PERFECT OUTFIT! Hopefully they'll be able to bring in more and more trendy clothes for all us plus size girls! ~~~

StellaRobe is launching their NEW COLLECTION TOMORROW!
I seriously can't wait!!

Quote "Ryna20" for a 20% DISCOUNT! 

Yay! Thank you StellaRobe! 

Girls, we may be PLUS SIZE, but it does not mean that we have no pride in what we wear. We must always make the effort to look good. Slap on some make up, wear those heels out and show the whole world that plus size girls can be just as awesome as everyone else. All we need to do is to put in some effort and WALAAAAA, We'd be smokin'. ;)

Visit NAO!!

Anonymous said...

sorry if this is personal, but what's your size? cos I want to see what shirt would be a better fit for me. :)

RynaQUE said...

Hi there!
To be honest, i'm not too sure either. What i did was to buy a measuring tape, and measured the lengths on the site. I know its in inches on the site. So just use the side of the measuring tape which has inches! I know i'm not answering your question because i am not sure myself. =)

I hope i helped in some way or the other. Feel free to email me directly at my email ( if you need more help.


RynaQUE said...

Omg i mean measure my pit to pit area and compare it to my side. Think mine's like 108 cm based on what i remember from my gym measurements session, pit to pit! So i converted it to inches!