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Happy Birthday Shazana! ~~

Wednesday, May 11, 2011 / , , , , ,


My friends and I are turning 19 this year. Just a year till we hit the big ZER0 and
Shazana's the first to turn 19!

2 years ago, my classmates surprised her with a cake
in class and she was so happy that she cried. This is the last year in poly in
in a year we'll be graduating so we wanted this year's birthday celebrations to be
extremely memorable. I'm really thankful because I met such nice friends in poly.
The friends I meet here are very different from the ones I had in secondary school.
I truly am blessed.

A day before her birthday, Shaz and me decided to explore Little India.
It's been some time since I went to Mustafa Centre so.... we had our mini adventure.
Too bad it started pouring really heavily and we had no choice but to stay indoors.
Best part of the trip? I managed to get a $9 black dress. Really simple dress, I LIKE!

For lunch, we went to A.B. Mohamed Restaurant! It's at Mustafa.

Shazana ordered paper Thosai and it's super big!

Here's some fried meat that we ordered. Tasted like rendang. Really spicy and tasty!
Yummy! Feel like going back just to have this. Lolololol. Fattening!

Here's what I ordered. It's called Batura. 
Hahaha it's really cool. The first time I ate it, I thought there was a filling or something inside
but I was cheated. It's like a normal ball. Only air inside. STILL YUMMY THOUGH!!

Food was good here just that the next day, both Shazana and I had the runs in the morning.
We're not sure whether it's caused by the food here. :/


On her birthday.... 

My friends and I brought her to MY FAVOURITE EATING PLACE!!

Eighteen Chefs!! 

We ordered the student meal, which cost only $7 plus and it was really worth it.
The meal came with awesome Ice lemon tea, baked rice and a scoop of ice cream! 

For cheese lovers, THIS IS YOUR HEAVEN. :D

What's an outing without photos? :)

Birthday girl and me. I couldn't wait to dig in!! ~~~~~~

To top the delicious meal off, a scoop of cookies and cream ice cream!

We bought for Shaz a jacket. We hope she likes it!
Awww, doesn't she look cute? :P

Till next time!


PS:// I have so many backdated post. I promise to post everything up soon!!