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Fairly Legal Preview Screening! First in Asia. ;)

Monday, May 2, 2011 / , , , , ,


"Law is made by people. And often, people make mistakes,"
Sarah Shahi, Fairly Legal.

To be really honest, I don't watch TV much. So even before this preview screening
I didn't even know about Fairly Legal at all.
(Shows that I spend ALOT of time online! LOLOLOL)

And to be honest, I never knew that there's a channel called Diva Universal!
I thought mummy and daddy didn't subscribe to the channel until I pressed
522 and I was like,


I know, I know... So embarassing! 

The preview was held at the Old Parliament House. There was reception 
and the usual mingling session. ;)

Here's one of the waitresses for the evening. She's so cute!
Kept coming to us and serving us refreshments.
It's like she was psychic or something because we were pretty hungry. :P

The screening was held at the Chamber. The whole setting made me 
very excited! There weren't many people around. :P 

I brought Popspoken Marketing and Communications Director Shah
 With me for this event. Lolol I brought my iPad so he can live tweet on
the @Popspoken Twitter account. :P

Sarah Shahi plays Kate Reed, a smart and sassy mediator.
She actually changed her profession from a lawyer to a mediator. :/

What's a mediator you may ask?

She's a neutral party who assists in negotiating and solving conflicts.

Eventhough she's a mediator, she is faced with conflict in her very own life. Lololol
You'd expect her to be the kind who doesn't like people to fight blabla, 
but you know what I like about her? She would fight for the truth.
How many of us are brave enough to stand up for what we think is right?

"There's something bigger than law. It's called TRUTH and JUSTICE".
-Sarah Shahi

Here's Kate with Lauren, her stepmother whom she really hates.

Here's Kate with Justin, her almost gonnabe ex husband who's 
an Assistant District Attorney. It's funny how some nights they end up in
each other's beds but yet they don't wanna admit that they still love
each other? Yeah. I guess, that' s how love is.
It's just really complicated. 

Did you know that in USA, the first season of Fairly Legal
 had an average of 3.6 million viewers! 

Fairly Legal premieres May 5th, every Thursday at 9pm.
Do catch it because it's quite interesting. Plus, I really wanna know more
about the progress of Kate and Justin's relationship! LOLOLOLOL

If you wanna catch the SNEAK PEAK of Fairly Legal, 

PS:// A special shoutout to the peepz at Strategic Public Relations Group
for being very efficient.  :)