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Beauty Girl Centre, Bugis Street

Sunday, May 22, 2011 / , , , , ,


Address:2 Bugis Street #02-01 Singapore
Business Hours:11am - 10pm

The other day, my bestfriend had an impromptu plan of going to Bugis.
Hehehehe we didn't plan to spend much because we were about to be broke. :(
Then.... in the end... WE DID SPEND MONEY. 

But I think it was kinda worth it because the service here is very good!
The aunty who did hair extensions for us was very nice although she couldn't speak much
english and all she knew how to say was " 5 MORE? 5 MORE? " 
It was annoying, but the cute annoying kind. Lolololololol. 

My bestfriend and I will never ever be able to highlight our hair, 
so we decided to go for hair extensions. ;)
I knowwwww. "Streaks like extensions" are so last millennium, but
we just wanted to give it a try. Lololololol. ~~~

Here are the various colours you can find here.
Well both my bestfriend and I have curly hair, so we can't choose straight extensions.
Kinda sucks cus the variety of colours for straight hair extensions is definitely more than curly ones.

Here's the my bestfriend and the cute aunty I told you about. 

Now I feel like dyeing my whole hair red. I wonder how I'd look like with red hair.
Hmmmm..... ;)

VerythFarhana said...

You look good with those red streaks!

RynaQUE said...

Thank you dear! :) <3

iyratiqa said...

how much issit per piece? 50cents to $1?

anu said...

Loved reading your blog. Ur friends & urs extensions look great. Just wanted to know how much does the sweet aunty charge for each extension?