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Yay! Contest prizes! ;)

Thursday, April 7, 2011 / , , , ,


During this past few months, my luck has been rather awesome!
Won quite a few contests via Twitter and Blogging. 
I know I should have blogged about this A LONG TIME AGO, 
Okay fine, I've been a very naughty blogger. 

So... It's peekchures time baby! ;)

I won this Canon Ixus 300 HS sexy red camera by entering
the Twitter contest. All I had to do was to tweet what home 
means to me and I was really lucky because I won this! 
Yeah, I'm a lucky girl! Heeee. I'm so glad that I won red coloured version 
of the camera because it is so goddamn sexy, HELLO!

This is my very first camera. I've never had one.
The rest of the camera's I've used for this blog belongs to daddy. It feels really good
because I don't have to borrow daddy's camera anymore! 
Thank you 24Seven and Nexus for organising this contest!


Next.... I won.... 



an iPad!!


I won this iPad for participating in a contest conducted by Ministry of Information,
Communications and the Arts (MICA). It doesn't have 3G, only 16G but
considering that I won it by blogging, WOOTS! Feels good!!

I know you've seen this blogpost months ago, like I've said
that the iPad belongs to my mum. But THIS, IS MINE!
Yay! :) Thank you Vocanic and MICA for organising this contest.

If you haven't seen my blogposts for the contest....

Click HERE and HERE!

And now, I recently received a parcel from TheBlogshopSG and
I'll be doing a giveaway very very soon! 

I think it's best I share the stuff I won with my readers too. 
Hehehehe besides, sharing is caring right? 
FAT HOPE.I'm not giving away my iPad or my camera!! LOLOLOL

;) Xoxo, RynaQUE
Beth said...

I'm so jealous! I should move to Singapore, where it's fun to be a blogger! :)

RynaQUE said...

:) Maybe you should!!! :P

Anonymous said...

*fainted again*

RynaQUE said...

Hello babe! Alhamdulillah. My luck has been rather good. :P Hehehehe

RL said...

Oh dear, you're so lucky! :)
Congratulations, anyway.

RynaQUE said...

RL: Thank you! Hehehehehe xoxo