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Saturday, April 16, 2011 / , , , ,


Recently, yours truly went out on a date and watched Hall pass. ;)

I guess the term "Hall pass" isn't something really familiar to us asians
so this movie was really an eye opener to me.

2 couples. 2 marriages. 1 week off from marriage.
They could do anything they want, with whoever they want.

I thought this movie was really interesting because it clearly
reflects the difference in the western and the asian culture. I'm not sure
if asian women would be open to the idea of a Hallpass.
Nah - uh, definitely not me!

At some parts, I felt like the movie was abit too draggy and
it showed parts which I thought weren't really interested.
I kinda don't want to spoil the movie for you, but here's it!

If you've been having problems with your boyfriend or you
don't know what to do during the next date with him,
you should TOTALLY watch this movie!
Everybody takes everybody else for granted at times and I feel that
this movie might serve as a good reminder of why you two felt in love
in the first place. :)

Somehow made me think about my own personal love life.
I've made up my mind to relax and the next person I fall in love with,
he would be the one. I'm fine with dating around but not sure if I'd want
a relationship this year because it's a crucial year for me. Mummy keeps
asking me if I have a bf and she thinks I'm lying. I'm NOT! Hahahahaha.
After last year's break up, I got hurt pretty badly that maybe I kinda needed
a long time to get over everything. You know what makes it harder?
Exbf enrolled in the same poly with me and I might see him around school.
Sigh... I just hope this year turns out fine. :)

After the movie, we went to eat at Pizza Hut! Yummy. :)
My date went well and he was really nice. No, I'm not gonna reveal his picture here. Heh
I keep getting questions like "Did you perm your hair?" "Are your curls naturals?"
and here I'd like to answer you. :)

Yes, my curls are real. I've never permed or even rebonded my hair.
I've never liked my hair but then I realised that since I'm Born This Way,
I might as well embrace it. Lololoololol.
We were really lucky because we entered Pizza hut like 10 minutes
before 5pm, so we managed to get the set meal and for me the student meal.
I don't really like it when guys spend too much on me. Makes me feel guilty! :(

The set meal and student meal comes with the soup of the day too!
Cream of mushroom! My favourite. ;)


Date felt like eating pizza so he ordered the Curry Pizza.
To be honest, Pizza Hut's pizza is really not  to my liking.

But I'd soooo visit Pizza Hut because it sells
really yummy Curry Zazzle Baked Rice!
I swear it's soooo good. :)

That's all for today! School's starting next week, so expect less blog posts. :(
I'm in my final year of Polytechnic now. Sooooo, yeah, Gambatte!