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Official Blogger for President's Challenge: SP Flag Day 2011

Tuesday, April 26, 2011 / , , ,


Last Wednesday, I joined the year 1s for their FOP. It was nice feeling like I’m a freshie again! :P
The flag day morning started with a Bang! Yes, there were performances
in the morning held at the plaza as the students gathered for the
 Opening ceremony. It was nice to see so many new faces.
(Makes me feel really old! BOO!)

I didn’t know that this lecturer was really talented. He was one of the lecturers present for
School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Freshman Orientation Programme
that I hosted. He likes to make jokes and give pointers.
He was definitely very entertaining!

Since this year is the year of the rabbit, we had rabbit mascots wearing our
SP flag day shirt as well. Everyone was welcome to donate!

Here’s a group photo of our principal, Mr Tan Han Cheong (middle)
 with a group of lecturers and students from SP.
 After our principal gave the opening speech, the students were given a donation
 tin and stickers, and were designated to different locations. For me and another Official blogger for the President’s Challenge, Siti, we went to Clementi to check out on the students!

Most of the students were rather shy when interviewed but you know what they all have in common? They were determined to get as much donations as possible!

I managed to dig out some interesting information about how some
of them got reprimanded by the public. Some people pretended
that they did not see the students, like they were invisible,
some just simply said “No” and walked away quickly. There was also apparently a man who
got really angry because he didn’t quite understand why our students were collecting donations
for the Japan victims and the President’s challenge when they could be helping him financially.

I reminded them all to stay courteous and smile no matter how bad
they get reprimanded because that’s the only thing we can do.
 We can’t force people to do their part.
Donating is something one should do sincerely,
 because every amount comes from the heart.

Took alot of of photos of the year 1s.

I really had a great time interacting with the year 1s.
 Flag day is a very memorable day in my life because it taught me to be thick skinned.
 I’ve always believe that being shy
won’t get me anywhere. Being thick skinned means
 despite feeling shy to ask for donations,
we should all put aside our shyness and just be
courageous to approach anyone.

Even in life, we all gotta be ourselves and be thick skinned or else
 we might not be able to pursue our dreams. 

This year, we managed to collect a total of $214K!
Thank you everyone for putting in so much effort, you guys were great!
I hope Flag Day was just as memorable for you as it was for me.


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Dedrick Koh said...

Great post!Lots of nice photos.Looks like everyone had lots of fun.

The design of the tins is nice. And those rabbits are awesome.

I can't wait to see what SP creates next year during the Chinese Zodiac year of the dragon! Roar!

RynaQUE said...

Hello Dedrick!
:) I really like the design of the tins too because it's in PINK! We definitely had alot of fun. :)