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Dorothy Perkins Fashion Brunch!

Thursday, April 28, 2011 / ,


A few weeks ago, I attended the Dorothy Perkins Fashion Brunch at Great World City.
There were light refreshments, fashion tips and also a 20% off storewide
for all items. Love, love! There were soooo many people.
(Made me wonder how so many of them got into the guest list!)

Barbara Koh, Editor of Women's Weekly was there to give us a few fashion tips.
Of course, yours truly just had to give her my feel attention since my fashion 
sense is not fantastic. Stop judging already! :P

As many of you have noticed, the lace is kinda the "in" thing now.
To be honest, I'm not such big fan of lacy things... Unless of course, 
you are talking about lingerie. ;) 
This is just a personal preference. I do think that it makes other girls look 
really hot. Boys, bet you agree with me, don't you? 

She even thought us how to accessorise. 
Why be plain Jane, when you can be fantabulous?

As I looked around, I found so many pretty things! 
Take a look. ;)

Omg seriously, so pretty! :)

Also, if you know nuts about how to accessorise, 
how to mix and match things together, Dorothy Perkins can solve your problem!
Why? Because they now have a Style Advisor service for you!
All you have to do is to book an appointment with her by calling up
the store that you're going to and she'll help you out by giving you tips
and fashion advices!


Now for more pictures. :P

Here's me with part of the Popspoken team. 

Yes, I was wearing a bumpit. It was my first time wearing it actually. :P

Here's me with a fellow blogger, Valentine. It was my first time meeting her actually.

I had a great time at the Dorothy Perkins Fashion Brunch!
Do try out the Style Advisor service the next time you intend to go shopping. ;)