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Diary of a FAT girl

Sunday, April 24, 2011 / ,


Just minutes ago, I read this blogpost *here*

While I'd like to agree with most points of the blogger's post,
I think we should also remember how you can find other people
who possess the exact same qualities, except, they are not FAT.

I've never liked that word. Fat. I've been called Fatty Bom Bom,
Gemok gedempol, Rollie Pollie Ollie etc and people ask me why I don't
TRY to do anything about it. (Common question, yawns!)
The people I've met, so far have all judged me before knowing me.

It's a human trait. Even my bestfriend never liked me at first.
Point taken, Fat people aren't easily likable.
But after she got to know me better, LOOK EVERYBODY,
we are the best of friends!

Sure we have our minor arguements every now and then, we have our conflicts in
opinion, but we give and take whenever we can and we care about each other alot. :')

Fat people get judged ALL THE TIME. 
All we want is to be treated with a little bit of respect.
Give us a break. Stop judging us all the time.
There's alot you're missing out on, if you keep judging us.

There's more to us than JUST being fat. Like every single
one of you out there, we've got our hobbies, our passion and our personalities etc.
It's not fair to go around judging us just because our bodies are deemed "different"
from the rest of you.

Fat girls, if you're discouraged by what has been said about you,
you need to keep one thing in mind, just because someone discriminates you because
of your size, doesn't mean that you should think lowly of yourself.
Keep your head held high! (Keep your middle finger higher hehehehe)

Look at these 2 beautiful ladies. They aren't stick thick and you know what?
The both of them are very successful.

And I'm sure there are many other hidden gems around. It's time we embrace our curves
and prove to everyone that "YO, There's more to US than just our curves".

The most important accessory every girl should have no matter
no matter if you're fat, thin, big boobed, airport runaway etc.
You are beautiful, love yourself!


P.S:// Thank you to every single one of you for your encouraging comments,
be it via the comment box below or on Twitter. It's nice to know that
there are people who care eventhough I haven't met most of you IRL. :)
You guys are the best!  ♥
WSrox said...

I personally found the blogpost written by Qiuqiu very offensive. RynaQUE, I hope you don't get bothered by all that and don't be affected by stereotypes. Discrimination sucks and you should know we others respect you for who you are and we respect your identity. X

dblchin (double chin) said...

Hey sweetie, u r beautiful in ur own way I'm sure. Cheer up~

dblchin (double chin) said...

Beside I've read the blog post, I'm sure is not target at u probably sme girls who r nasty to qiuting before. So don't tk it too hard. :)

RynaQUE said...

WSrox: Hello there dear. Thank you for your encouraging words. :)

dblchin: Hello, this post isn't directed anyone in particular too. It's a simple post directed to those who has ever discimated other humans just because our bodies are considered "different" from the norm and also other fat people who feel the pinch as they read QQ's blogpost.

As bloggers, we get haters sending us mean comments everytime. It's just part and parcel of being a blogger thus i still think it isn't very nice of her to say such things. I still think she's an interesting blogger though. :) Cheers!