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Brands Essence of Chicken GIVEAWAY: BLUR or NOT?

Saturday, May 14, 2011 / , , ,


<Read on if you wanna take part in my

Do you guys drink Brands Essence of Chicken? 
What about mummies and daddies?
 Do you make your children drink Brands? 

For me, I have to admit that I've never drank Brands ever.
In fact, everytime my mum makes me eat any "brain food" I'll try to
avoid her everytime. Yes, I am that stubborn!

 Recently, I attended Brands' Campaign launch at Hotel Re!

We arrived at the hotel pretty early so we managed to spend some time hanging around
At the lobby. It was the first campaign launch for the whole bunch of us from
the Singapore Polytechnic, Centre for Social Media. 
I've been to movie galas, previews, blogger outreach programmes
but not campaign lauNch so I was super excited! 

I'm sure most of you recognise this popular radio Deejay from 987fm, Rozz.
It was so cool too see her in real life and you know what? She's just
as funny in real life. Heheehehehehehe. 

It was one of the hardest stations because it was really hard to find the differences.
I had to stare at the 2 frames for a pretty long time until I finally figured out
the answer. Lolololol, I SOOOO NEED BRANDS NOW.

I HAD LOTS OF FUN! The Blur or Not FB page was launched on the same
day. I thought the whole concept of the campaign is BRILLIANT! 

It's more of a "community" page thus you can share Videos, pictures, wall posts on
the BLUR or NOT wall with everyone! Share your blur moments with everyone.
Don't be shy! I just shared mine, SEE SEE!

Well, so what do you have to do?

1) You have to comment at this blogpost with your name, email address,
and..... a special PASSWORD.

What password you may ask? I've left clues throughout this whole blogpost!
And if you're alert, you'll figure it out. (Plus it's really really easy! Promise!) :D  

2) "Like" the Blur or Not page on Facebook and share one of
your Blur moments with us on that page. Also, leave my blogpost link in the
same status!

One of you will stand to win a box of Brand's Essence of Chicken worth
$33. Yes, there's 6 bottles inside! :) 
I'll use to determine the winner okay? 





Winner for this Brands Giveaway is.....



Syazmallowman said...

rynaQUE? Yay I win!

Syazmallowman said...

Name:Muhammad Syazwan

I Hope I win! :DD

Mohd Hisham said...

Name: Hisham
password: BRANDS

comment? You can use Brand's Essence of Chicken to make a healthy serving of steamed herbal chicken. well, it is an acquired taste i think. :)

Zora said...



Team Caucus said...

Name: Desmond
Special password: BRANDS

coldkohmew said...

Name: Jason
Special password: BRANDS