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Beneath The Stars Fund Raising Campaign

Tuesday, April 12, 2011 / , ,


We all know about Japan, don't we?
Well, girls and boys, here's your chance to help Japan. :) 

From now to the 30th April, you may purchase items from the
 *Beneath the Stars* website. 
All items listed with the price are for sale. 
Items without the price means that they are sold out! 

Let's take a look at some of the items sold.

Photos credits to @Calvintimo and @Benvoda.
PS:// The pictures you guys took are so pretty! 

50% of all proceeds(excluding postage) will be 

tabulated and sent to the Singapore Red Cross Society after the campaign.

There's rings, necklaces etc. Boys, you can buy for your gfs while doing charity,
girls, you can buy for your girlfriends or even for yourself!

Mode of Payments

Debit/Credit card payment through the website,

 QUOTE “JAPAN TSUNAMI(BLOGS)” in your purchase.


SMS/Call Yang Lay @+65-9178 6226 with the Item Code(e.g. RFT1 from ‘more info’), your name, payment by 

Cash, Cheque or Bank Transfer and QUOTE “JAPAN TSUNAMI(BLOGS)”. Picking up the item in person can be arranged if preferred.

Visit the Beneath the Stars website now and make a purchase!