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1 for 1 deals at Breeks Cafe!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011 / , ,


It's amazing how this few months has been really good for people who love food 
like me because there's SO MANY GOOD DEALS. 
I swear to God, it's becoming so hard to keep up!! 

Well, you know what? 
There's another awesome deal for you. Yes YOU!

What you need to do is to click on this image below 
and you'll land on this Breeks page! Key in your details and they'll email you 
your 1 for 1 voucher. How cool is that?!

After that, they'll email you this e voucher.
All you have to do is to print it out and show it to the staff before ordering. 

This deal is only valid from from the 29th March to the 28th of April,
on Mondays to Thursdays except eve of and on Public Holidays.
It's available at all Breeks cafe in Singapore except Causeway Point branch.
Only available for main course, pastas, pizzas and combo sets.
Please present your e-voucher upon ordering!

Happy eating!