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What's even better than Lasik, Contact lenses and Spectacles?

Saturday, March 19, 2011 / , , , , , ,

<Sponsored eye check up>

To be really honest, I like both. I like wearing my spectacles because
to me, it makes me look smarter and more professional. Don't lie. You know I do!
 LOLOLOL. In fact, I'm planning to wear my glasses to my job interviews
after I graduate from school. Based on a survey, it is said that 
wearing glasses will get you a better job! Don't believe? Click * this* to read!

However, when it comes to hanging out with my friends, dates
and other blogger events I'd wear my contact lenses. I rarely go to school
with my contact lenses because I spend long hours in school and it's not 
really an ideal environment to be vainpotty in. Lol, but I have my days. ;) 

While waiting, I looked around to find out more about the doctor
that I was about to meet!

Dr Lee has started the world's first Implantable Contact Lens centre! 

ICL is made of collagen!
Unlike Lasik, ICL does not contribute to dry eyes at all.
Also, it has a very short recovery time. Wait.
Also, don't have to worry when you go outdoors as it contains UV protection. 
Seriously, how can I not be impressed? This thing is so awesome!

Here's a video of a few patients who went through ICL. 
They look so happy! Makes me wanna save my money to do this 
procedure because I passed the ICL test. Yes!! Hehehehehe

There's also going to be an Implantable Contact Lens Forum
on the 25th of March 2011 at 6.30pm, 19th floor Paragon Medical!

Pacific Healthcare Eye Centre,
290 Orchard Road #19-01 Paragon.
Tel: +65 68836961

Call 6887 1292 to register.

Thank you Dennis, Deborah and of course Dr Lee
for the awesome experience. :) 

Xoxo RynaQUE