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Virtulips Contest. I want to win 3 sessions of Babor Facial by At Beauty Wellness!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011 / , , ,



I was never born with great skin. I started developing pimples at a very young age
and I've never liked my skin. My skin colour is always OH SO DULL and
there's still alot of pimple scars. *Sigh* I rarely reveal my 
real make-upless photo on my blog because of those scars. 
Yes, whatever you see online are photos of me with make up and 
most of the time photoshopped. :P 

The first and last time I went for a facial was a year ago at 
Far East. The person was very pushy and asked me to 
sign up with them. I couldn't even if I wanted to because I'm still a student
and let's be very honest, facials aren't exactly very cheap. 

I hope I win this 3 sessions of Babor Facial and hopefully 
be able to improve my skin condition. Also, I hope to share this experience 
with my blog readers. If I win, I'll reveal the Before and After and hopefully
you won't get a heart attack looking at my Before photo. :P 

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(Yes, I have make up on in this photo!)