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Is Facebook ruining your relationship?

Sunday, March 6, 2011 / , ,


I've always wanted to blog about this but I just didn't really have the time to sit and 
think about the impact Facebook has on me and I bet many other girls. 
But here I am, almost a year after my relationship with the ex boyfriend ended, 
typing this blog post because I finally have the courage to write about this. 

Why isn't he Facebook-ing you? 

Facebook has really changed our lifestyles. One example would be the relationship status of 
someone in their FB. Here's what I think. If you get to know someone new, and he has never 
asked you if you have Facebook, most probably, he's hiding something. 
Like.... He's not exactly single like he claims to be. 
Happened to me and I was right. Asked for his email and I found out 
he was attached. Toldcha Facebook reveals alot about a person. 

"It's complicated" to me spells out, 
"Hey, I'm still not over my ex-girlfriend and we are still working things out". 

Changing that relationship status from Single to In a Relationship

"If we're really in a relationship, why are you still single on Facebook?"

The changing of relationship might create alot of interest as it will definitely be 
on your friend's live feed. That's why I make it a point to always
remove the "change" on my status. You'd think that 1 click
wouldn't cause that much chaos, but yes it will! 

Overanalysing your other half's Facebook page

"Why does she keep liking your status?"
"You said you wanted to sleep. Why did you post a FB 
status at 3am in the morning?!"

Facebook was one of the reasons things between the ex and me turned sour. 
Just like any other person out there, I grew possesive. 
Professing your love for someone was so much easier before the Facebook era. 
I started writing mushy sweet nothings on his FB wall, dedicated songs blablabla and 
being a very private person, he didn't like the fact that I was too open about things
on the social networking sites that I use. Lack of affection online
could be another reason why Facebook is relationship. :/

I'd constantly check on the new girl he just accepted on Facebook and
there was this girl who very oddly keeps chatting with him on Facebook.

Yes, he was cheating on me via Facebook. 

I'm not too sure either. What about you?
Is Facebook ruining your relationship? 

PS:// To be honest, before I go on a date with a person, I'd check his FB first 
to see if there's anything fishy about him. Facebook not only 
will reveal ALOT about the person, it also means
he can't "lie to me" about his last relationship, etc. ';)
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