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First time buying contact lens online!

Thursday, March 24, 2011 / , ,

<TZ Collections Contact Lens Review>

My mum has never been very supportive of me wearing contact lenses.
My first time wearing contact lens was during my prom night. Still, I 
did not ask for my parents permission and she found out anyway. Oops!

I've been looking through *TZ Collection's FB* page and site and
I have got to say I'm quite impressed by their service.
So I finally placed an order with them. I met Queentisha (blogshop owner)
at the Tampines MRT the other day to pass her the money.
She's very polite and nice. It was great doing business with her.
I like how she's very prompt in replying emails and she's rather professional.
Not like the  nasty *previous blogshop* owner I encountered.

I bought 3 pairs. Shared with 2 of my Twitter followers. 
If you haven't followed me on Twitter, what are you waiting for? CLICK!
Next time we can share and buy contact lens together also. Hehehehe

There was a discount. Like 1 pair was supposed to be $15 but 
buy 3 pairs so $13 each. Great deal! Yay!

Both of my eyes have 2 different degrees. For blogshops, normally it's okay 
to purchase contact lens of different degrees. Not like when you buy outside.
Sometimes I really have no choice to DIE DIE buy 2 boxes of contact lens.

Mine's wind grey. I don't really like bright coloured contact lenses 
because I know it doesn't really match my skin tone. So, I normally get either 
brown or grey. I'm a simple girl! ^^

Although I do wish sometimes I would be brave enough to try out 
other colours. :(

There's also instructions in the box. So if it's your first time wearing contact lens,
you don't really have to worry lah hor. :)

End product! :)

I like how the black ring is very obvious. Lololol. 
Yes, I'm going to buy again. I'm actually trying to look for blogshops to sponsor me 
contact lens! *Hint hint* Just joking. :P