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ZA Limited Edition Pack!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011 / , ,

This post is totally random because I just wanted to
share a really good foundation with you girls!

This is definitely a MUST HAVE in my make up case.

I wanted to by the ZA-two way cake refill because I finished. 
The current one I'm using now is from Korea and sometimes I feel that 
it's too fair for me and I also feel that it does not really suit my tanned skin. 

The ZA-Two way cake refills cost $18.50!

Then I looked around and found the "Value pack" with limited edition glittery casing!


This cost around $34.

It includes 2 sets of two way foundation refills and 1 limited edition casing.
With some sample sized creams and stuff like that. 

Totally worth it! 

I never thought that Za was actually suitable for my skin colour but it is. :D

Did you know that two way cakes are not your regular pressed powder?
Well, that's because it also contains foundation!
So, you don't have to actually use a foundation as a base if you wanna start using this.

Sample creams.

Girls, don't be afraid to try this two way cake.
 It's easy to use and it definitely gives your skin better coverage.

With make up as awesome as this, say

*Throws confetti*

Till then..


Beth said...

that's awesome. :D

ZA isn't really popular in America, at least not in Hawaii. I really liked it but I had to stop buying the products because it became hard to find.