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#Twittamentary special screening at SMU

Tuesday, February 1, 2011 / , , ,


2 years ago, she set out on a journey to discover and document this
who social media phenomenon, Twitter. She embarked on the project with one thing in mind.

"I wanted an outcome I did not expect".

Yesterday, she screened her almost complete film to us at SMU.

I got lost, asked for directions and wondered why
I ended up at the carpark building instead of the admin building.

Tan Siok Siok, filmaker of #Twittamentary.

A Twitter Documentary.

The film was really an eye opener for all of us, definitely. 

"If you wanna make a film, you gotta have commitment". -@Sioksiok

2 years ago, I opened a Twitter account. I never expected Twitter to change my life
drastically. It's the first thing I check when I wake up, it's the first thing I turn to
when I'm feeling anything! Happy, sad, angry, frustrated and the list goes on. 

I just thought people would be interested in reading my bite sized, 140 charactered
stories. Why? Because they've got nothing better to do. HAHAHAHA. 

Twitter is about openess and sharing our stories.
Personally, I like reading other people's tweets. Twitter allows me to peek 
into someone's life without him/her feeling intruded. There's the beauty of Twitter. 
It's about sharing, communicating and making a whole lot of friends with 
a bunch of strangers whom you've never met in real life.
And when I do meet them IRL, I feel weird indescribable feeling of happiness
because I finally got to meet the person in real life!

"OMG I MET @______ IN REAL LIFE". 


I know how people would snigger and describe people like me as
 "someone with no life" because it's like social media
is the only thing that revolves around our life. 
It's really not an obsession. It's like a fascination, really. 

Like how people are fascinated by bright lights, glitters, the colour pink etc.

Well, let me share with you some really interesting Twitter users showcased in Twittamentary.


AnnMarie Walsh, *@Padschicago*

A homeless women who's on Twitter. She accesses the internet by going to the library.
Since then, she has made lots of friends and sometimes, they send her stuff. :')
Since then, she has been invited to talk at many social media conferences.

Reading her blog made me tear because here in Singapore, I feel that all of us
have taken everything we have for granted. I hope things will be better for her. Thinking
of sending her something soon. We'll see. :)

You should check out her blog *here*.

To be honest, I've never understood anybody who
actually create a Twitter account for their pet.
I remember how there was actually A DUCK following me on Twitter. Really funny!

This is actually a Twitter account Sockington.
A cat has like 1 million followers on Twitter? How depressing is it for a
cat to have wayyyy more followers than me, a human being?

Here's a pornstar who's known as *Mika Tan* who was also featured on Twittermentary. 
She was born in Honolulu,Hawaii.  Really interesting how she's actually a very smart woman. 
She has a Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry and also an Associate's degree in Psychology. 

She normally blocks guys who look like minors or even weird guys who follows her on Twitter.
So boys, don't be naughty! 

Apparently, there were people who who were at the NYC screening 
of Twittamentary who thought that Mika shouldn't have been 
included in the film as they felt that it was degrading to women,
but honestly, it shows that Twitter when used effectively can be used to 
market someone/a brand successfully.

Oh having said that, have you followed me on Twitter? 
:D Come on, help me get another 300 followers! :P 

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading this post! 
Another video you should check out!

Q&A session recorded by @Mhisham. :)

XoXo, RynaQUE

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I hope you get the 300th followers soon!

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