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Twestival 2011! Tweet. Give. Share.

Monday, February 28, 2011 / , , , , ,


We need your help! Click on this Twestival Singapore logo and
LIKE it on Facebook! Do it for charity.
If we win this contest, we'll get an additional US$1000 for the
charity organisation we're supporting!

This year, Twestival SG will be supporting Children-At-Risk Empowerment
Association (CARE Singapore) a charity and youth developement organization
dedicated to helping at-risk youths!

So what exactly is Twestival? 
It's a Twitter Festival! Pretty duh, huh? Haha. 
You know how you're always on Twitter but you're never really doing much, 
you don't even really know who you've been talking to? 

Let's take the day off on the 24th March 2011 to meet up,
get to know each other abit better offline, have fun and at the same time
do our part for charity! All ticket sales and donations will go straight to
the charity organisation we're supporting this year. 


If you can't make it, then do your part by LIKING the logo on Facebook!

Tickets will be on sale very soon. 

Watch this space! 

Follow *TwestivalSg* on Twitter. 
Tweet using our #twsg11 hashtag!