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Summer Frost @ Scape

Monday, February 7, 2011 / , ,


So we were early for the M:idea Choice Awards. Yes, I haven't blogged about it.
SOON. I promise! :)

So... Bestfriend and I decided to go hang out at Summer Frost.

It was really empty and quiet so bff and me could talk and laugh as loud as we wanted.  ♥
Major loves! 

There was a variety of different flavours and colours of frosties. 
Was actually looking for Durian flavour but they didn't have that. :(

Here's our Oreo Chocolate frostie. 
Delicious and perfect for PERK-ME-UP DAYS!

Yummy! Bff is gonna bring me to Changi Village one day cos she said
there's a shop that sells better frosties. CAN'T WAIT! :D