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Official Blogger, SP Media and Communication Conference 2011 - Day 2

Tuesday, February 15, 2011 / , , , ,


Attention! Lady Gaga was seen at our SP Media and Communication Conference 2011!

Hehehe well, not exactly. The group of students in charge of the students workshops were 
decorated the classroom with pictures of Lady Gaga. 
It was part of the Advertising and Public Relations workshops for our 
secondary school participants! :D

There were students from Bukit Batok Secondary, Bedok View etc. 
I was in the room filled with secondary school students. Boy! I sure felt super old. 

Imagine is Lady Gaga is coming to Singapore, they had to come up with 2 video clips 
in groups of 5 to 6. One for public relations and the other for advertising. 

Rehearsing before recording the video. 

Discussing with fellow team mates. 

I bet the students had a great time working with each other coming up with this video.
The videos were very entertaining and definitely brought a smile to my face. 

Advertising and public relations are always being commonly confused as being the same 
but they're actually very different. 

The other workshop conducted was the journalism workshop. 
I like the way the team actually came up with the name The News Academy. 

The workshop started with a short skit by Isyana and Nicholas. 

Ms Rohana was one of the lecturer helping out for this workshop. 

She taught the students the basic concepts of journalism like 
how it's always important to have the 5 Ws and 1 H in your story. 
Who, what, when, where, why and how. 

Also other acronyms like COBRA which stands for 
Clear and Concised, 
Recent and 

and.... Keep It Short and Simple. 

There was a crime scene and the students were supposed to ask the actors 
questions which answers will help them write a news tweet. 

Really entertaining because Farhan, the guy in blue was really acting like a real 
policeman. LOL!

I really enjoyed today's workshop! :) Hehehe 

Really can't wait for tomorrow. 

Till then...

Xoxo, RynaQUE