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Official Blogger, SP Media and Communication Conference 2011 - Day 1

Tuesday, February 15, 2011 / , , , , , ,


Happy Valentines Day everyone! :D

The 14th of Feb also marks the start of our week long
SP Media and Communication conference 2011. 

If you're interested to attend the closing ceremony of the 
SP Media and Communication Conference 2011, 
do feel free to contact me via email; 

First, in the morning we had to pack our goodie bags. 
It was a collective effort and it was fun mixing around with the students from 
the other classes. Really fun because it really reminded me of the "bergotong-royong"
spirit back during the kampong days!

Here's the booth where you register when you enter the Convention Centre.
Notice how everybody's smiling! Hehehehe sho cute please.

More photos of us! :D

Here's Keela, our student representative. Really proud of her!

Now on to our speakers for our conference!

Mr Tilak explained how Google helps brands to identify their audience 
and communicate with them at a relevant time. 

Mr Tilak also shared with us about how in Singapore, Bah Kwa is one of the most 
searched terms on Google. Google also has this tool called the wonder wheel, 
which I wasn't aware of until yesterday! Gonna check it out soon. 
Mr Tilak also said digital media can help you gain insights,
 ideas, implementation and impact.

He also shared one of Coca Cola's ad campaign. 
No celebrities, low budget but yet Coca Cola manages to create buzz
through this Happiness machine! Wish we had this in school!

Here's my favourite speaker!

Didn't really get a good photo of him. Photo grabbed from the DMC blog.

Mr Lars Voedisch shared the top reason why people unlike brands on Facebook
is that the company posted too frequently that the company frequently flooded the
news feed. Social media relations is now about two way conversations.

Did you know that not every negative comment means a crisis for a brand?
It could bring about positive changes instead. :)

Something I remember vividly from this talk is that...

Social media is ART.
You gotta be authentic, relevant and transparent!

Also, quantity of search does not necessarily signify meaningful success.
It could also signify popularity. Food for thought indeed!

We social media students have actually met Kelly before the event itself.
He's a really nice guy! :)

He shared with us this video during the conference.

Never forget a day ever when you're on social media. 

Being on social media means anonymity? We'll easily know your likes, 
your dislikes, your thoughts and feelings but it's hard to find out the demographics
of such people. More effort is required to dig out more details. 

He also shared with us about Tiger Wood's case of how Nike continued 
endorsing him after all the bad press about his infidelity 
but not Accenture. 

Dave discussed about the popular TED Conference and its origins.
Befpre that, he made us all stand up and shout HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! :) 

Mr Lye was the last speaker for the day. He told us more about XinMsn specifically. 

People are now on the go most of the time and they really have no time to watch TV. 
But now with Xin Msn, we can watch videos on demand. 
 I just hope they come up with an app so that we can really watch 
those videos, anytime and anyday! 

Well that's all for the first day. Thank you to all the industry partners, 
year 3 students and the other CASS students for coming down to support us! 

The talks so far have been very insightful!
Can't wait for the rest of the days. 

Hehehehe Don't forget to follow me on Twitter for more updates!