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Official Blogger, SP Media and Communication Conference 2011 - Day 4

Monday, February 21, 2011 / , , , , , , ,


In the afternoon, after the press conference, there were another 2 student workshops
conducted by our students and lecturers for our secondary school participants. 

The first workshop was the Beat the Stress workshop conducted by both 
the Diploma in Applied Drama and Psychology and our Media and Communication students. 

Students were broken up into groups and were asked to share their 
ways of relieving stress. 

So what do you do when you're stressed?

I'll scream, sing and cry. I know. I sound like an emotional wreck. LOL.

After their sharing session in their own groups, they were asked to share 
how they relieve stress by acting in front of everyone. 
Some said that they'll sleep, watch anime etc. 
when they are really stressed. :)

If you're thinking of joining Diploma in Applied drama and psychology, 
you should be interested in both aspects of acting and psychology. 
Not only one, or else this course might not be suitable for you. 
This course is really unique because it's first of its kind in Asia. 

Seems like the students were really having alot of fun!

This other workshop, POW! Power of words, was conducted by our lecturer Ms Trudy Lim.

Basically, she taught the students how communication can be both 
verbal and non-verbal. Like how dressing up differently
can send different kinds of signals to people. 

I'm sure the students had lotsa fun.

Some photos taken by : Kylie Chia