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Official Blogger, SP Media and Communication Conference 2011 - Day 3

Thursday, February 17, 2011 / , , , , , , ,


Day 3 of the SP Media and Communication 2011.

This workshop is... I think! I write! I shoot!. 

The room was decorated with movie stars! 

These are our student participants who came all the way down from Malaysia! :D

Before the activity started, the student facilitators did a simple skit for the students.

The students were given cards and then asked to write a story.

There were events, character, aspect, place and item cards. 
They were supposed to write a story based of the cards given.

After that, the students were asked to act out the whole story that they wrote. 

The whole idea of the the workshop was to demonstrate the power of words
in every story written. This workshop was done for another course in the 
School of Communications, Arts and Social Sciences called,
Diploma in Creative writing for TV and New Media.

Did you know that this is the only creative writing diploma in Singapore? 

For the next season of The Noose, 4 episodes aired were actually \
written by 4 DTVM students. They actually came the other day
to SP to film one of the episodes!

Moving on to another student workshop. 

It's called....


When I entered the room, I was happy to see lots of hearts!
So pretty! :) Hehehe.

The balloons definitely made everyone very happy! :P 

Spot someone familiar in the photo?

Yes! It's ShiGGa Shay. He's also known as Jin.
If you didn't know, Jin is also one of our SP Media and Communication
year 2 student too!

Their team showed their secondary school participants
ShiGGa's new video. It's a super cute video! Do check it out. :)

I wonder how he feels seeing himself on the screen. Heeheee!
Honestly, even I feel shy looking at my own pictures on my blog.

This is ShiGGa's new video! :)

PS:// I don't know whether to call him Jin or ShiGGa. Woo, so weird!

The participants were asked to be part of the video. 

Basically, this workshop is to introduce to the students the why it is important 
for artistes to shoot an MTV. 

It's actually to create hype and excitement for the personality, build your personal brand,
promote your song and to share with your public your vision of the song. 

I think the student participants really enjoyed day 3. 
Kudos to the teams for the awesome workshops! :D