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Official Blogger, Closing ceremony of SP Media and Communication Conference 2011 - Day 5

Monday, February 21, 2011 / , , , , , ,


Finally, the last day  of our SP Media and Communication Conference 2011. 

For the closing ceremony, we had Arthur Sung from Starcom Mediavest as our keynote speaker
who talked about the Future of Media. 

We all know that the future is digital media. Consumers receive more than 2000 messages per day. 
It takes strategy to make yours stand out. Also, that means that the scarcest resource in our 
world would be consumer attention. 

Also, no matter how technology changes over time, nothing will change the way we 
feel. Thus, consumer experience is the new reality. It's what everyone is looking for. 

Another speaker we invited was Chew V Ming, editor of Stomp. :)
I love reading Stomp! Why? It gives us insights on daily life unlike any other. 
Sometimes, I feel ashamed to even admit the fact that I do read Stomp.
In fact, I've actually stomped someone and got called up by Lianhe Zaobao
regarding the story that I sent in. That, is a story for another day. :P

The stories on Stomp are the ones that gather human interest. 
Those are the stories that make us go, WHAT THE... 
It's all about citizen journalism on Stomp. Love it! 

Did you know that readers spend an average of 20 minutes on Stomp? 

Oh, the Stomp app for Androids will be out soon. :)

This tweet was by one of our secondary school participants. :)

Here's Alvin Lim from 

Omy stands for Online Mobile for the Young, if you didn't know. 
Yup, I'm an Omy blog club member, if you're a blogger and you haven't joined,
what are you waiting for? :) 

Next, we had the two top teams for our Mass media project who 
previously were involved in the press conference to share their findings with everyone. 
I'll do another blog post to share our findings with you. :)

The audience were encouraged to tweet their comments and
 questions using our #SPMediaComm hashtag. 

Our students handled the questions from the floor pretty well. :)

Here's our CASS president, Zhong Wei. 

Let's allow the smiles and photos will do all the talking. :) 

The whole conference went well. Special thanks to all the participants 
and industry partners who came down for the conference.
Also, thank you to our sponsors and participating companies.
Thank you to Alvin, Victor and Hisham for attending our conference!

Xoxo RynaQUE

Some photos taken by Kylie Chia.