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iPhoneography? What's that? Part One.

Friday, February 11, 2011 / ,


What is iPhoneography? 

It's the capturing and processing of shots using the ever awesome iPhone. 

I know how some people are very skeptical about the quality of photos taken on the iPhone. 
Sure it isn't that great, but I gotta admit it's definitely not bad compared to 
the photos taken by the other phones. Those who are skeptical are normally people
who do not own an iPhone. Thus, their skepticism. LOL. 

I'd like to quote from Callan Tham
"Because photography isn't really about gear, it's about the pictures."

These are the photos I took during the whole KL trip.
Was really impressed by the photos taken by Vixlew during the #ShootUrTweeple 
outing for the Sentosa outing using her iPhone4, so I decided to try too!

Check out her photos *here.*
Bet you'll be amazed too! :)

This photo was taken at the Airport. 

Breakfast with the King. 

Happy Lunar new year! :D

Our short getaway. 

I am probably the few girls who don't really fancy the designs at Coach. 


Yes, my mum bought the book. :P 

Almost goodbye Sinchiapore!

This time is for real. Fo real. 

Goodbye Sinchiaporeee! :)

Finally reached KL. Checked in to Grand Millennium hotel. :)

Yes, there's a part two! :) Soon.