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iPhoneography? Part Three.

Sunday, February 27, 2011 / , , , , ,


When I was at KL, we stayed really near Pavillion. 
Here's where I saw this shop which reminded me of MoleMole. Hehehe. 

On the street, there were these men who painted themselves in diferent colours. It
was rather cool! People were busy taking pictures. 

There were oranges at the hotel lobby since it was Chinese new year. 
It was really funny seeing how the tourists were grabbing the oranges and quickly 
putting them in their bags.



Cute vespa hor!

I bought this bag at Fahrenheit 88, across the hotel. 
I thought it looked cool. Lololol. 

New shoes! For a girl, I have very broad feet and its hard to 
find shoes for me. I found this and it looks 
really cool to me and it fits me so nicely so..... 

Yes I bought it! HEHEHEHE. 

Sticky candies! This bottle cost me RM19.90. -.-

Do you know what's this? 

It's CHEESECAKE of assorted flavours! Yum! 

I bought this wallet because it looked super glam. Love it! 

Xoxo I'll be going to Hongkong again in another 2 weeks!
Can't wait to do more shopping. :P