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Can we be friends with benefits without falling in love?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011 / , , ,


Honestly, being a girl, I think its rather hard to not fall for someone whom I've been
 physically and sexually intimate with. We could start things off casual,
but sooner or later, being an emotional wreck/
weak hearted girl, I'd definitely find myself falling for that person. 


 Why? Because I'm a girl. A really emotional girl.

Thanks to, yesterday I got tickets to the preview screening of 
No Strings Attached!

Well, in this movie the OH-SO-PRETTY Natalie Portman who plays Emma 
and sexy Ashton Kutcher, who plays Adam ALMOST ruined their friendship 
but having sex one morning. 

SO.... TO KEEP THEIR FRIENDSHIP.... they decided to keep their relationship strictly
NO STRINGS ATTACHED. What do you kids call it nowadays? Friends with benefits?
Which means, doing anything (YES ANYTHING), anywhere as long as they don't fall in love. 
Which obviously means that they will fall in love, no matter how much they try to deny their own feelings. 

Quite predictable, but really who doesn't like happy endings?! :D

The show made me laugh, cry and it definitely made me think about sex, sex and lots of sex. 
How can I not? It's in the movie, lots of it that's why it's M18 so you xmm and adik-adik cannot 
watch unless you're 18. Hehehehe no worries, your time will come. Just not now! :P

There was this one part which was really funny. 
Emma gets into a cab, all drunk and the cabby asked where to take her. 

She answered, "Adam's house". 
And where's that exactly he asked? 
She answered, "WHERE ADAM LIVES". 
Hahahahaha that part made me LOL like mad. 

It's funny okay, why won't anyone feel the same way?! Hahahaha. 

Are you getting physically/sexually involved in someone and you're kinda falling for him/her too?
Ask him/her out during Valentines and watch this movie together!
It's definitely a good idea. :P 

No Strings Attached premiers 17 of Feb 2011.

Thanks for the awesome tickets!  ♥ ♥ ♥