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What did we do after previewing the Sentosa Boardwalk? :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011 / , ,


Thanks for the invitation, Sy Yuan and Sentosa Group Communications. :)
Before the adventure even started, *Sy Yuan* gave me a thumbs up!
LOL. If I took a photo of him at the end of the day, I assure you that the picture 
would turn out very differently because we were super exhausted after the whole day. 

Thanks for Sentosa Group Communications, they actually brought us to 
the Megazip Adventure Park. 

It was up the hill. Damn tiring I swear. 
*Pant, pant*

Yay! Finally here! :)

The bloggers were so excited but I decided not to tag along. 
Why? Because I am scared of heights. 
Years ago I tried abseiling and I cried because I was scared to walk down. 

Told myself, "NAH-AH. NOT GONNA HAPPEN". 


Here's where you buy your tickets. :)
Price: $29 :)
*Click here for website*

Next, we got to try the Segway! 
I've always wanted to try it. Wooohoo!

Price: Fun rides $12 per person

Desmond looking very happy hor! :P 

 Boon Kiat :)

What else did we get to enjoy you ask?

:) We got a ticket each to the Extreme Log Ride and the Underwater World Singapore!

Couldn't take much pictures. 
I kinda broke 1 side of the 3D glasses even before the ride started. 
I know right.... *Facepalm*

I didn't tell anyone about it... Until.... I reached home and tweeted it. LOL! 

Yay! Been so long since I visited the Underwater World! 

There was this tank which allowed you to feed the stingrays! 
Cool right! 

Taken with my iPhone 4. Cute fishes!

Jellyfish! :) 
Sigh... Why do they sting when they are so pretty?

Stingray! :)

My last fishy picture! :)

When I was on the way back, guess what I spotted at Harbourfront Mrt station? :)
Yeah! N.e.mation! 5. Don't forget to vote!! :) 

:) Thanks Sylistic and Sentosa Group Communications!