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Monday, January 3, 2011 / , , ,


Its 2011! This is another super overdue post. ;) 

Pretty Christmas tree at Tampines One!

Random blur shot. I thought it looked cool. LOL

Kropok was served before the main course. 

Making it a habit to drink plain water.

Trying to be more healthy. 
Keyword: TRYING. 

Lil bro ordered Lobster Bisque.
Didn't like the smell and the taste of it cus I'm not much of a seafood lover. 

Mummy likes to eat Fish and Chips. 
Don't ask me why!

Daddy's Tom Yum noodles. 
Delicious. (Though I wish it was spicier! :P)

Lil bro's Chicken baked rice.
It has this herb-ly taste. Not bad. I actually like it!

Oooh I ordered the Baked dory set. 
The portion was too big, I couldn't finish it. :/

Delicious Mud cake!

Yummy! So guys, salivating already? 
What's for lunch?? :P 

Anthony Graham said...

I'll have the fish and chips, the chicken baked rice and a salad ;)

RynaQUE said...

That will be $50 sir. Paying in cash or credit card?

Anthony Graham said...

Put it on my tab dear Ryna :)