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Saturday dinner at Banquet Compasspoint

Sunday, January 9, 2011 / ,


Dinner the family as usual on Saturdays. 
This time we went to Banquet, Compasspoint. 

The noodles stall!
You can just choose which type of noodles you want. :) 

I like this stall because they'll cook of you on the spot
and you can watch the aunty do it for you. 

Tadaaaah! Tom yum noodles with anchovies! 

Lil bro bought food from the Yong Tau Fu stall. 

Also Tom yum, but his was super spicy cus there was chilli padi inside!!

Daddy's economic fried noodles. 
How fattening is that?!!!

Fried Char Kueh. My family loves this.
Me no understand at all!

Hope you had a great dinner everyone!