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McDonald's Miniatures, have you gotten it? :D

Saturday, January 29, 2011 / , ,


Mummy came home with stuff from McDonalds!
I thought she bought food from Macs for dinner. 


Instead... she bought the complete set of McDonald's Miniatures. 



Looking at this, I realised that my favourite fatty food from 
McDonald's which is the McSpicy is not actually their "specialty". 

Oh wells. 

The whole set costs $25. 

"Mummy! How did you find out about this?"

"Oh, your dad brought home the flyer yesterday".

What?! My mum is so funny. I think the whole idea about using flyers as a promotional tool 
is only effective for certain age groups since most parents aren't really as internet savvy as us. 

I got to know about this after reading Claudia's blogpost. 
Oh btw she's going to giveaway a set to one of her readers! 

Oh wait! Look! 

McDonald's is also on Facebook and they have this really awesome game!
I think this Static FBML thing is really interesting. I hope I can learn how to 
make use of it someday. Anyone knows? Can teach me? Hehehe. 

Seriously, you have to try the game! 

It's like you're in the arcade. You have to grab as many stuff as possible. 
Each McDonald's snack has different number of points.
 Grabbing the Quarter pounder will earn you 50, Big Mac 30 points,
Filet O fish 20 points, Coffee 15 points, Apple pie 10 points and French fries 5 points.  

You get 10 credits every hour so if you want to try your luck, 
you have to make sure that you are at your laptop every hour. 
CRAZY! Hahaha but I am sure some people are THAT kiasu. 

If you want the miniatures separately, it's $2.50 but you won't be able to get the box.

Interesting marketing campaign, really! 
Soh Hong Wei said...

They are very cute!!!

Beth said...

Oh my god, I want this! ;___; Can I send you money for it?

RynaQUE said...

Hong Wei: Cute! but pointless. HAHAAHA

Beth: I'll buy it for you. :)